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10 Best Photo Editing Software for [PC & Mac] in 2023

In the digital photography world, taking a photo is just the beginning of unleashing your creativity. To enhance your images, selecting the right photo editing software that matches your style is crucial. With a broad range of options available in the market, regardless of your PC or Mac usage and photography skill level, you will always find something suitable. Today, our article unveils the top 10 photo editing software for PC and Mac users in 2023, showcasing innovative contenders with powerful features and established brands with diverse options.

Adobe Lightroom CC:

Top-of-the-line Adobe Lightroom CC is our top choice for best photo editing software for its powerful editing capabilities, extensive cutting-edge features, and very simple image organization. As one of the leading image editors in 2023, this product is user-friendly and versatile, catering to both newbies and experts. So if you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, Lightroom CC is a must-have tool for you.

Lightroom CC provides professionals with a non-destructive editing system that is a revolutionary game-changer. By preserving the integrity of the original image, this technique enables experimentation with changes to enhance color, fine-tune detail, or adjust exposure. Preset filters are particularly useful for batch processing since they provide a simple and effective technique to produce a uniform appearance across several photographs.

Moreover, Lightroom CC’s advanced color correction tools are particularly beneficial for photographers aiming to achieve accurate color representation and vibrant imagery. And the best part? This greatest tool offers cloud-based storage for individuals who need to work across several devices.

This function ensures that you can view your photographs from any location and continue editing without interruption. Additionally, the integration with Adobe Creative Cloud further solidifies Lightroom CC’s standing as a part of a holistic creative ecosystem, enabling smooth collaboration with other Adobe software and enhancing your overall workflow.

Adobe Photoshop:

If you’re searching for an all-in-one photo editing solution, your quest ends with the remarkable Adobe Photoshop. Renowned as the best of its kind, Adobe Photoshop offers exceptional flexibility along with an extensive toolkit that can be trusted by both experts and creatives. This classic image editor has an array of features to meet your needs, making it the top choice for both MAC and PC.

Its unparalleled photo retouching tools, including the healing brush and content-aware fill, are perfect for photographers who demand pixel-perfect precision in their edits. The concept of layers and masks introduces a level of flexibility that is unmatched, allowing for intricate and non-destructive editing that appeals to both beginners and experienced users.

Photoshop’s wide range of filters and effects empowers users to craft images with distinct artistic styles, whether they’re pursuing realism or pushing creative boundaries. This software is also a top choice for photographers who delve into 3D design, as its 3D editing capabilities enable the creation, manipulation, and integration of 3D objects within images.

Content-aware fill, another hallmark feature, showcases Photoshop’s prowess in intelligent editing, seamlessly removing unwanted elements while blending the surroundings for a cohesive result. With its rich history and continuous innovation, Adobe Photoshop remains the benchmark and standard for those who demand the best in photo editing software. Here you can find detailed instructions on how to crop an image in Photoshop.

Affinity Photo:

As a rising star in the world of photo editing, Affinity Photo has quickly gained recognition as one of the best photo editing software available in 2023 for both beginners and professionals. While it might not have the decades-long legacy of Photoshop, its features and capabilities make it a strong contender.

Affinity Photo’s advanced selection tools grant users the power to make precise and intricate selections, whether it’s for isolating subjects or creating complex compositions. These tools, combined with its user-friendly interface, make it a favorite among beginners looking for accessible yet powerful software.

Affinity Photo’s layer styles are a notable feature that allows users to apply effects like shadows, glows, and bevels, enhancing the visual appeal of their compositions. The software’s support for HDR merging and focus stacking sets it apart, making it a valuable tool for editors who seek to create striking high-dynamic-range images or achieve optimal sharpness across varying focus depths.

In addition, the real-time editing feature provides instant feedback, enabling users to see changes as they are made and facilitating fluid and interactive editing experience.

Capture One Pro:

Widely regarded as one of the most useful photo editing software options for professional photographers, Capture One Pro stands out for its exceptional RAW processing capabilities and superior color grading tools. For Mac and PC users, Capture One Pro stands as a testament to its dedication to quality, making it the professional photo editing software for both platforms.

Its robust color grading tools allow users to achieve precise and nuanced color adjustments, ensuring that the final images accurately reflect their artistic vision. This feature alone makes Capture One Pro a compelling choice for professionals who prioritize color accuracy and creative control.

Tethered shooting, a hallmark of studio photography, sets Capture One Pro apart as a top choice for photographers seeking real-time feedback during shoots. This feature streamlines the process of transferring images from the camera to the software, allowing photographers to assess composition, lighting, and other factors as they work.

Customizability is a key strength of Capture One Pro, as the software’s interface can be tailored to individual preferences, arranging tools and panels to optimize workflow efficiency. Moreover, the dedicated camera profiles offered by Capture One Pro ensure that images captured by various camera brands are accurately rendered and reflect the distinct characteristics of each camera’s sensor and lens system.


GIMP stands out as a beacon of accessibility and adaptability in a market where the popular picture editing tool can frequently come with a hefty price tag. The finest free picture editing software for people wishing to explore creative possibilities without making a financial commitment is GIMP because it is open-source software and is therefore free to use.

Its customizable interface enables users to mold their editing environment to suit their workflow, placing frequently used tools within easy reach and enhancing efficiency. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for those who are new to photo editing or for artists who want to experiment without constraints.

GIMP’s extensive support for plugins adds a layer of customization to the software, expanding its capabilities beyond the base features. This flexibility ensures that users can tailor GIMP to match their specific editing needs, further enhancing its appeal to photographers, designers, and artists.

The software’s advanced selection tools provide the means to perform intricate edits, whether it’s isolating subjects for creative compositions or making meticulous adjustments to individual areas. Beyond technical editing, GIMP’s wide range of brushes and tools also makes it a suitable platform for digital painting and retouching, allowing artists to explore various creative avenues within the software.

Adobe Photoshop Elements:

In terms of the best photo editing software for beginners, Adobe Photoshop Elements emerge as a great option for anyone who wants to improve their images without getting stuck in the complexity of professional-grade tools. Photoshop Elements provides guided edits that offer detailed directions for obtaining particular effects.

For those who are new to photo editing, this feature makes it a standout choice because it enables them to experiment and learn at their own pace. Automatic color correction powered by AI takes the guesswork out of enhancing images, providing users with a quick and effortless way to improve color balance and tone.

Photoshop Elements also excels in organization, making it easy to manage and find your photos. Its automated organization tools categorize images based on recognizable faces, geographical locations, and more.

This feature makes it possible for photographers who value effective image management to have their photos properly organized and easily accessible. Adobe Photoshop Elements gives newbies a solid introduction to the world of photo editing with its blend of user-friendly features and streamlined editing capabilities.

CyberLink PhotoDirector:

For those seeking a combination of ease of use and creative potential, CyberLink PhotoDirector is the perfect tool for them. The software’s user-friendly interface makes it an accessible choice for beginners, while its creative editing capabilities make it equally appealing to enthusiasts and creative professionals.

Powered by AI, PhotoDirector’s automatic enhancements offer a simple way to improve images by identifying imperfections and applying adjustments for optimal results. This function simplifies the editing procedure, making it the perfect option for users who want to improve their images with minimal effort.

One of PhotoDirector’s standout features is its ability to edit 360-degree photos, providing users with a unique opportunity to explore and experiment with immersive imagery. This capability caters to creative enthusiasts and photographers seeking to push the boundaries of visual storytelling. The software’s layer editing capabilities introduce a level of control that’s essential for those who want to fine-tune specific elements of their compositions.

Furthermore, PhotoDirector’s content-aware removal tool intelligently erases unwanted objects while seamlessly filling gaps, resulting in visually cohesive images. Its extension into video editing, including 4K video, showcases the software’s versatility and ability to cater to multimedia enthusiasts who wish to enhance both their photos and videos in one integrated platform.

Apple Photos:

Integrated directly into the macOS ecosystem, Apple Photos is another best photo editing software for Mac users seeking a seamless and convenient way to enhance and manage their photos. Apple Photos has an auto-enhance tool that uses AI to automatically increase the quality of your photographs with a focus on simplicity and user experience. Users who want to enhance their images quickly and with good results will find this tool especially helpful.

Apple Photos excels in organization with its smart album organization tools that categorize your photos based on recognizable faces, geographical locations, and more. It is a useful solution for Mac users who appreciate effective image management because this automated system makes sure that your photos are arranged and conveniently searchable.

Ultimately, iCloud connectivity ensures your photos are in sync across all your Apple devices, significantly expanding the software’s capabilities. This feature gives you flexibility and convenience by allowing you to easily view and edit photos on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices.

Skylum Luminar AI:

Skylum Luminar AI introduces a new era of photo editing by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Its AI-driven features make it an innovative photo editing tool for those who want to push their creative boundaries and achieve impressive results with minimal effort.

The AI-powered templates analyze your images and suggest appropriate enhancements, offering instant creative transformations that cater to different styles and moods. This feature is especially valuable for users seeking quick and unique edits.

Luminar AI’s sky replacement tool is a standout feature that showcases the software’s AI capabilities. With a few clicks, users can transform the sky in their photos, dramatically altering the atmosphere and mood of the image. Portrait enhancements also benefit from AI, as Luminar AI automatically adjusts skin tones, removes imperfections, and enhances eyes for polished and visually appealing portraits.

The software’s automated editing suggestions feature analyzes your images and recommends edits, saving you time on manual adjustments and facilitating a more streamlined editing process. Luminar AI’s collection of creative filters empowers users to experiment and apply distinct styles to their images, catering to photographers and artists who want to achieve unique visual effects with ease.

ON1 Photo RAW:

ON1 Photo RAW distinguishes itself as an all-in-one solution for both photo organization and editing, catering to photographers seeking a comprehensive platform to manage and enhance their images. Its non-destructive editing approach ensures that the original image integrity remains intact while enabling comprehensive edits to achieve the desired results.

Layer support is a standout feature, providing the means to create complex compositions and make precise adjustments to individual elements. This versatility makes ON1 Photo RAW the ideal choice for those who want a unified platform for both photo organization and creative editing.

Advanced masking capabilities further enhance the software’s capabilities, allowing users to selectively apply edits and seamlessly blend adjustments for seamless and professional results. ON1 Photo RAW’s customizable effects, including a wide range of filters, allow users to tailor their edits to match their individual preferences and creative vision.

Integration with cloud storage services enhances the software’s convenience, ensuring that users can access and edit their images from multiple devices. This feature is particularly beneficial for photographers who require flexibility and mobility in their editing process. Overall, ON1 Photo RAW provides a comprehensive and versatile solution for photographers seeking an integrated platform to organize, edit, and enhance their images.


In a world where photos speak volumes, the right photo editing software is your artistic ally. The diverse range of options available in 2023 ensures that photographers, designers, and enthusiasts of all levels can find the editing software that aligns with their requirements. From industry giants like Adobe Photoshop to emerging stars like Affinity Photo and Skylum Luminar AI, each software offers a distinct set of features and capabilities. So, pick what suits you, start creating, and let your creativity shine through every pixel.

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